Out of 3 daughters Mimi is our middle child, older sister Iza by 3 minutes and a younger sister Magi by 3 years. Mimi was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) on August 12, 2009. After 2 years, 2 months and 26 days on November 6th, 2011 she took her last chemo pill and is considered OFF Treatment! This is our story of our journey through childhood cancer.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Happenings.

Since Christmas there has not been a full week of school. I am hoping that this week will be a full week, that the letter of the week "D" gets a full five days, and that we can return to our regular scheduled chaos.

We have been quite busy, reason why had no time to update. We have all enjoyed the snow, yes I said WE ALL. I think I like it more this year because I am not watching it from the hospital windows like we were last year. So fat this year we took full advantage of the cold New England outdoors as well as the the craft closet indoors.

Last week Mimi has a clinic visit for counts, on the worst snow day, we figured if the awesome nurses can get there so can we! Clinic went well Mimi's counts did not change much since last time ANC was 1400. She is still on 50% of her dosage of her daily Mercaptopurine. We go back on the 15th for a spinal tap, I did not tell Mimi yet since last time she spent two weeks looking at the calendar being upset about it. We will just focus on Valentine's Day for now!

Our Snow Happenings in Pictures...

We melted crayons into hearts.
Nice to keep little hands busy peeling wrapping off the crayons.

The girls made a three layer cake for Chris & Meg's 1st wedding anniversary.
The were very excited to play Cake Boss.
Newspapers in the making. This one they came up on their own to stall bedtime before yet another snow day they stayed up making newspapers out of newspapers.

Sledding!!! Magi's first time and she loved every second, she is a dare devil just like her sisters.

Iza and I walked out to the fresh deep snow and made a giant heart path.

This is a hawk. Something we usually don't see outside of out kitchen window. We watched him have his lunch this day it was pretty amazing, although it was "just a bird eating a bird" to the three year olds.

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  1. The newspaper idea is really cool!

    That hawk is amazing! We had a Sharp-Shinned Hawk fly into our garage and out again, chasing prey. I caught a picture of him in the neighbors yard, but he was still too far away fro a good pic.